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Decocted Elder leaf Tincture

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Key Difference with Elder Leaf Tincture: The DECOCTED Elder leaf tincture differs from the FRESH Elder leaf tincture in that the leaves (fresh or dry) are exposed to heat (through simmering) rendering the *potentially* nauseating compounds (hydrocyanic acid [HCN]) inert, or breaking them down through the process of heating. NOTE: These nauseating effects are reported in a *small percentage* of people who ingest elder leaf preparations, and when deactivated an element of elder's medicine is removed. This would be its ability to relax and relieve cough (HCN is a prime antitussive agent - relieves cough; it is what relieves cough in cherry bark, for instance). With either preparation you WILL receive the protection you are seeking. Please see Stephen Buhner's website to download the CV Protocol. 

*Herbalist Stephen Buhner has included this tincture to his core pandemic virus kit. Studies indicate that elder improves T cell counts as the virus works to downregulate our innate immune responses to the virus. Licorice Root Tincture & Red Root Tincture will also help in this regard.  

The reason for a "decocted tincture" (according to Stephen Buhner) is to reduce the likelihood of nausea upon ingestion. However, we have yet to receive a report of nausea from any of our customers, nor have we observed it ourselves at the recommended dosage. 

Additionally, there has been concern over whether elder can potentiate cytokine storms. Although very few have observed the effects of elder preparations in relation to current pandemic virus cases, the indication from previous usage for SARS cases is that the effects of elder are *immune modulating* and it will not precipitate a cytokine storm (which the current pandemic virus is itself initiating within the epithelial lining of the lungs in order to create an advantageous ecology to its own proliferation).

Our CV1 - Core Formula (which includes our Decocted Elder Leaf Tincture) is now available for pre-order. It should be ready to ship after April 10. You can also find Licorice Root Tincture (part of CV1) as well as Red Root Tincture (CV3 Protocol) on our site. Other important herbs for related protocols for viral respiratory conditions are also available.  

A classic remedy for bone health and healing.