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Handcrafted Herbal Products

Enchancing Well-Being through Harmony


Ensuring ethical and sustainable wildcrafting


Remedies rooted in tradition

The Sonoran Desert

A traditional source of potent herbal remedies


Handcrafted - The Indigenous Peoples of the Sonoran desert taught the making of effective remedies through the combination of specific herbs and emotional intent.  Additionally, waste was never allowed so they made them in small batches.  Today, we honor their teachings by following their traditional methods of making remedies in the same manner, one small batch at a time. 


Stewardship - Doing the right thing is always the right thing, that’s why we promise to always practice sustainable and ethical means of procuring herbs needed to create our traditional remedies.  By continually nurturing active stewardship of the plants and soil we ensure the availability of these traditional remedies for generations to come. 


Authenticity - Our special relationship with Plants & Place conveys authenticity and potency in our various herbal remedies. Through a distinct lineage of indigenous herbalism, a strong relationship to traditional practices carries through in all that we do.

Healing in Place - By Lisa O'Neill

Gain a unique insight on how our founder John Slattery came to realize his true calling as a bioregional herbalist and teacher. Lisa O’Neil of the online magazine sat down with John to discuss what inspired him to become one of the Southwest Desert’s most renowned herbalist in her article “Healing in Place”. John recounts of his journeys through Central and South America and his encounters with some truly gifted natural healers. Lastly, John discusses his vision for the coming year, the website, his apprenticeship program.


"Holy moly! I wanted to tell you that I recently used your trauma salve to relieve pain from recently acquired tennis elbow. The instant relief was extraordinary! "

Brain Haskins (Trauma Salve)

I used prickly pear for a scorpion sting! I was in pain for almost two weeks. I found an article identifying prickly pear as an old native American remedy. As soon as I applied your juice concentrate the pain eased.  Very effective. I always keep some on hand.

Constance (Prickly Pear Juice Concentrate)

I used that gum rinse today and within a few hours my cut in my mouth is pain free and almost entirely gone. It was such a slow healing process for a while so it's quite a relief.

Johanna (Gum Rinse)