Frequently Asked Questions


My package hasn't arrived yet. Can you give me an update?

You should have received a USPS tracking number in your order fulfillment confirmation email. Please click that link to follow the progress of your shipment. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any further information than what is provided on that USPS tracking page. If you have purchased Route Shipping Protection then you can start a claim within 5 days after your delivery date for stolen packages, 7 days for lost packages, and upon
receipt of any damaged contents. This can be done through the email you received from Route upon purchasing the shipping protection.

Is my package covered for damages, loss, theft, or being delayed indefinitely at

Your package is covered IF you've chosen to select Route Shipping Protection at Checkout. If you did NOT select Route Shipping Protection at Checkout, your package will NOT be covered for damages incurred in transit, theft, loss, or any delays whatsoever.


How long will your tinctures last?

Alcohol-based tinctures last for many years. We have tested numerous tinctures upwards of 20 years in age at this point and it is a rare tincture that is no longer effective, even at this age. There are very few tinctures, in our experience, that may lose potency within 2-4 years, none of which are available for sale on our site at this time. So it is reasonable to assume that any of our tinctures will remain effective for up to a decade if the bottle is kept closed and away from excessive heat.

How should I take the tincture?

All of our tinctures are meant for internal, as well as topical, use. Tinctures can be taken directly in the mouth (under the tongue is preferred by some), or diluted in water, tea, or your beverage of choice.

Can I take your herbal tinctures while taking other tinctures or other supplements?

There are no general recommendations we can make regarding not taking any specific herbs, or herbal formulas, with any other herbal tinctures (provided by us, or another company). The same is true for any nutritional supplements. If there are specific concerns, these will be listed in the Contraindications section on the individual product page.

However, it's a big world out there so we suggest each person pay attention to how they respond to stimuli (and combinations thereof) on an ongoing basis and make the best choices, accordingly.

For an in-depth exploration of your individual health concerns, you can check out John's Wellness Consultation offerings.

Will these tinctures interfere with my medications?

Any known contraindications for each specific tincture will be on the product page. Please consult a healthcare professional for any known or suspected illness.

When should I take my tincture?

Tinctures can be taken with or without food. Depending on the circumstances, one may wish to take tinctures before a meal to aid in digestion. In general, we feel that herbal medicines are best-assimilated when taken before bed but there are good reasons to take herbs upon waking and throughout the day as well. Often, frequent dosage throughout the day is best.

Should I take tinctures with food or away from food?

We do not specifically recommend taking any of our herbs with or without food. That is up to the discretion of the individual. However, those herbs (often bitter in taste) which are meant to enhance digestion would be best taken within 15-30 minutes before a meal.

Is it safe to give tinctures to children?

Yes, tinctures are safe for children; however, it is often best to give in a diluted state or graduated down from an adult dosage.
Here's a known method using a 4 year old, for example... add 12 to the child's age (eg. 4 + 12 = 16), and divide the age (4) by the total from the initial equation (16), 4/16 = .25. So, a 4 year old would receive 1/4 the dose of an adult.

It is also important to know the child well as some children are more responsive (or more sensitive) to herbal remedies, and, thus, need more or less of a remedy as a consequence.

Is it safe to give tinctures to pets?

We cannot provide guidance on giving any of our remedies to any of your pets. Although we have received numerous reports of successful attempts to treat their pets with our herbal products, we cannot give specific guidance here. That said, we've received many good reports on applying our salves topically to a variety of injuries and irritations to different pets (cats, dogs, birds, etc).


How long do salves last on the shelf?

Our salves are in a base of beeswax and ultra premium olive oil. Kept away from heat, light, and air, our salves can last many years. For one example, a client who had purchased our Nerve Salve over a decade previously shared that she experienced wonderful pain relief from the application of that same jar of salve so many years later.

The longevity of our products, we believe, speaks to the freshness and vitality of the original ingredients which far surpasses what is standard in the marketplace.

I noticed that a product is out of stock...when will it be back in stock?

Because we are such a small company with so many different products, it is often quite challenging for us to respond to each of these type of inquiries. We suggest that you sign up for our email newsletter if you're not already in order to receive updates and awaited herbs come back into stock.

Further, due to the seasonal nature of many of the herbs which go into our products, we may need to wait 8 months, or more, in order to even have a chance at re-stocking once again. Quite different from the global marketplace, this has nothing to do with supply chains but has everything to do with the seasonal availability of herbs in the wild, as well as our subjective stewarding of the wild habitats we work in as we take care not to gather too much, or "over-harvest" whenever gathering herbs from the wild.

Additionally, you may follow our YouTube channel as we may post updates about the availability of our products there periodically.