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Fire Cider Salt

Fire Cider Salt

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This tangy salt rub & spice blend brings you the zest of our Fire Cider through the flavor of sea salt. A traditional blend of aromatic herbs and spices used to boost immunity, tone digestion, and improve respiration Fire Cider is a common kitchen remedy amongst herbalists across America. 


Add this spicy blend to your kitchen cabinet to add great flavor and medicinal potency to your kitchen creations!


Favorite Uses

Use as a rub on your roasts, add to marinades, or spice up your favorite homemade vegetable ferments. You can sprinkle over an egg dish, add to a nutritious bowl of broth or a hearty meat or vegetable stew, or spice up a bowl of cooked beans. On a fast, you can add this seasoned salt to your pared down nutritious broth. There are many ways to enjoy this delightful, aromatic spice blend