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Autumn-Winter Tea

Autumn-Winter Tea

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Seasonal blend of great tasting local herbs. Boosts immunity and delicious!

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Yerba Santa, Spikenard, Cudweed, Pearly Everlasting, Oxeye Daisy, Calendula, Yerba Mansa, Malva, Estafiate, Hollyhock Flowers, Desert Lavender, Holy Basil, Mullein leaf, Elderberries, Red Clover, Spruce tips, Rose hips, Lengua de Vaca, Sow Thistle, Anis seed
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Taste: Mild; Sweet, Spicy, Lemony, slightly Bitter

Uses: This blend helps to augment immunity. It is particularly fortifying to the lungs and is distinctly anti-inflammatory.
Helps to raise the body's inflammatory threshold while harmonizing with seasonal changes, thereby improving immune capacity. Relieves and soothes irritated mucous membranes; astringent to boggy, inflamed tissues. A wonderful daily tea throughout the Autumn and Winter seasons.