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New Mexico Equinox Oxymel

New Mexico Equinox Oxymel

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This formula was created by herbalist, John Slattery, in communion with the wild lands and plants of northern New Mexico at the Autumnal Equinox, 2020.

The freshly gathered herbs were simmered in the wild waters gathered from Las Huertas Creek, in the Sandia mountains, and homemade vinegars from ocotillo flowers and African sumac berries, along with the sweetness of a wildflower honey to capture the essence of place, and the seasonal turning, in a bottle of medicine.

This remedy enhances immunity, helping to clear the lungs of dampness and cold, promotes healthy digestion, relaxes and tonifies the nervous system, and provides deep nourishment.

Great for harmonizing with the change of seasons, strengthening the lungs, clearing phlegm, and relaxing cough.